Alan Hewitt, Moody Blues / Alan Hewitt & One Nation

Alan Hewitt Moody Blues

Alan Hewitt has had a mammoth career in film, TV and live performance. As the current keyboard player for The Moody Blues as well as leading his own band, Alan has a huge ongoing career to reflect on. 

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Alan Hewitt & One Nation – We’re One Nation

Duffy King

Billy Ashbaugh

Alan performing with The Moody Blues

Patrick Moraz

Morton Downey Jr Show

Swimming Upstream movie (which obviously does not involve Dawn Fraser)

Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales

LA Rockestra – Symphony of Rock

Alan performing at the haunted Ryman auditorium

Tag a keyboard player: Rick Wakeman, Brian Auger, Tony Banks, Jordan Rudess

Desert Island Discs: Heavy Weather – Weather Report, Romantic Warrior – Chick Corea, Close to the Edge – Yes, Brain Salad Surgery – Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

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