About Us

We started The Keyboard Chronicles because we’ve dreamt of doing it for years and have finally taken the plunge.

We want to make a podcast and write the odd story that covers the life of a keyboard player, both amateur and professional. Our podcast team, editor and contributors are all gigging keyboard players, most with more than 20 years experience.

There are already lots of great people out there covering different aspects of keyboards and music technology and we’ll be showcasing their work as much as our own.

The Team

David Holloway – Podcast Host and Editor

Podcasting since 2007 and with more than 180 podcast episodes under his belt, David’s pumped to be doing a specialty podcast for keyboard players, which launched in January 2020.

On the keyboard side of things, David currently plays with Illawarra-based band The Dream Warriors and is also the alleged brains behind ambient music project Stainless Fields. He’s also very proud to be one of the original cohort of ‘jammers’ in the world’s first truly virtual band, Res Rocket Surfer.


Paul Bindig – Podcast Co-Host and Website Contributor

Paul Bindig has been playing keyboards in bands for over 30 years. A self-confessed “enthusiastic hack”, he currently sits in the keyboard player’s chair for Australia’s premier Pink Floyd tribute, Echoes of Pink Floyd and also for popular Adelaide party band, Finger Bun.  

Note: Paul is a Korg Australia endorsed artist.