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The Keyboard Chronicles podcast has a singular purpose: to hear the great keyboard players talk about their career and approach to music. As our previous guests will attest, each interview is a laid back look at gigging, influences and even the odd bit of gear.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior in a covers band or a successful act on the international tour circuit, we’ll try and keep you entertained with the latest and greatest keyboard players talk. Both show hosts are players themselves, so we try to keep it relevant and fun, so join in with the more than 5000 fellow keyboard players who listen or watch each fortnight. Both audio and video versions are produced, take your pick!

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The Hosts

Keyboard Chronicles podcast hostDavid Holloway – Podcast Host

David has been involved with keyboards and music technology for more than 30 years. He has written on music technology for a range of print and online publications.

On the performance side of things, David currently plays with a covers band called Gloss and releases electronica and ambient music via his project Stainless Fields.




Paul Bindig – Podcast Co-Host and Website Contributor

Keyboard Chronicles podcast hostPaul Bindig has been playing keyboards in bands for over 30 years.

A self-confessed “enthusiastic hack”, he currently sits in the keyboard player’s chair for Australia’s premier Pink Floyd tribute, Echoes of Pink Floyd and also for popular Adelaide party band, Finger Bun.  



Listener Reviews

Pete from the United Kingdom: I just wanted to write to you as a listener and fan of the podcast from the UK. I have thoroughly enjoyed every interview especially the latest you did with Veronica Lewis. Wow, what a breath of fresh air and an amazingly mature and thoughtful response to every one of your questions and she’s so young! I have just checked her music out and am really digging it. Please keep up the excellent work and my only comment would be can we have them more regularly!

Jillian from Melbourne, Australia: It’s always interesting to hear from players, no matter how famous, sharing their experiences and tips. 

Grant from Temecula, California: I’ve been a little burned out with my own playing and the endless hunt for new gear. Love how this show is about the players talking about their life, not so much the huge detail of their gear.

JazzGuy 44 (Apple Music review): I love the variety of guests on this show. I’m more a jazz player but I love some of the rock / folk / prog stuff as well. Keep up the great work.

uhoh7 (Apple Music review): Wonderful interviews. I have to pause and look stuff up! Keep going.