Thomas Dolby, Solo Artist / Innovator / Educator

Thomas Dolby interview

Thomas Dolby has had one of the most interesting and innovative careers as a musician, and that makes him one interesting guest. We cover an enormous amount of ground in this interview and above all else it shows Thomas’ passion hasn’t waned, and his eyes are very firmly on the future.

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

Thomas’ busy rest of 2024

Preparing for a tour

Thomas’ 2024 tour keyboard rig

Using Logic Pro in a live environment

Thomas’ new book: Prevailing Wind

A divergence into sailing and the America’s Cup

Peter Vogel, the Fairlight and Stevie Wonder

Playing with Roger Waters at the iconic post fall of the Berlin Wall concert

Thomas talks David Bowie

Thomas’s tribute to David Bowie

Heroes at Live Aid

Thomas Dolby and Metal Gear Solid 5

Billie Eilish on Thomas Dolby

Thomas’ role as an educator at John Hopkins University Peabody Institute

Talking composing for non-linear mediums such as games / VR

Thomas Dolby on AI and music

Preparing students for a career in music in today’s context

Thomas on keeping creativity and the likelihood of ‘retiring’

Three artists that have inspired Thomas

An anecdote about Thomas’ friend, Shane MacGowan

Thomas Dolby – White City

Thomas Dolby – Simone

The Pogues – Boys from the County Hell

Thomas witnesses a world scale train wreck

Tag a Keyboard Player: Chuck Leavell, Max Middleton

Desert Island Discs: Astral Weeks – Van Morrison, Apostrophe (‘) – Frank Zappa, Hejira – Joni Mitchell, Original Recordings – Dan Hicks, Low – David Bowie

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