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Danalogue Interview The Comet is Comin

Danalogue is a British keyboard player with The Comet is Coming, a British experimental jazz band formed in London in 2013. The group is known for their unique blend of jazz, electronica, funk, and psychedelic music. In addition to talking about that project we also cover Danalogue’s involvement in other musical projects and collaborations such as Soccer96

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

Discovering a passion for music, partly due to the ‘angelic’ Diana Ross

Led Zeppelin Live At Madison Square Garden – The Song Remains the Same

Watching The Stranglers

Touring with James

Playing live with Tim Booth (on sax and keys)

Meeting and chatting with Brian Eno

Forming and evolving Soccer96

Soccer96 in action and also here

The development of The Comet is Coming

The Comet is Coming – Summon The Fire  live at Glastonbury

On recording to tape

The naming of The Comet is Coming (you can listen to the track in question right here, and here’s a great story on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop)

The differences in playing The Comet is Coming material live

David Byrne – Everyone’s Coming to My House – American Utopia

Danalogue’s rig rundown

Danalogue and Alabaster DePlume – The March That Is Unstoppable

Jeff Beck’s 808 drum machine

A good train wreck moment

Däm Funk’s shoulder synth

Tag a keyboard player: Charlie Stacey

Desert Island Discs: The Inner Mounting Flame – Mahavishnu Orchestra, Innervisions – Stevie Wonder, GLAQJO XAACSSO – Patten, Shri Camel – Terry Riley, Outdoor Museum Of Fractals – James Holden & Camilo Tirado (Don’t forget to check out all our guest’s selections on this page)

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