David Sancious, Solo Artist / Peter Gabriel / Sting / Bruce Springsteen (Part 2)

David Sancious Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel and Sting

In Part 2 of our interview with David Sancious (Part 1 here) we cover his work with Sting and Peter Gabriel, working with Springsteen on Human Touch and a massive amount more including David’s Desert Island Discs.

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

2015 Sting and Paul Simon Tour

David playing with Sting and Paul Simon – Bridge Over Troubled Water

2016 Sting and Peter Gabriel Tour

On working with Peter Gabriel

David playing with Peter Gabriel – 1988 Amnesty International Tour

David Sancious memoir coming soon

On ‘brother’ relationships with Ernest Carter, Garry Tallent and Bruce Springsteen

On working with Bruce Springsteen on the Human Touch album

Bruce Springsteen – Soul Driver

On the love between keyboard players and drummers

Touring with Eric Clapton

David playing live on One More Car One More Rider 

Buy One More Care One More Rider

Check out Father Ted for yourself

Desert Island Discs:  Band of Gypsys – Jimi Hendrix, Electric Ladyland – Jimi Hendrix, The Planets – Holst, Preludes – Chopin, At The Organ – Jimmy Smith  (Don’t forget to check out all our guest’s selections on this page)

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