Korg Nautilus OS 1.2.0 release notes

Korg have released version 1.2.0 of their software for the Korg Nautilus. You can download it for yourself here, but here’s what’s changed:

  • Expansion of PROGRAM bank and WAVESEQ bank
    [Improvements] The KORG bank in PROGRAM mode has been expanded from 20 to 40 banks, allowing more programs to be saved and sound libraries to be loaded. Similarly, the Wave Sequence bank has been expanded from 15 to 20 banks. Related pages have been changed in accordance with the bank expansion.
  • KRONOS PCG file support
    [Improvements] Support for loading PCG files saved with the KRONOS has been added, allowing you to use tones created with the KRONOS with NAUTILUS.
    * KRONOS-specific functions and NAUTILUS-specific functions will not be reproduced correctly.
  • General
    [Bug fixes]
    In addition to those listed above, various other minor improvements and bug fixes are also included in this update.

For NAUTILUS Editor users
Please note that NAUTILUS System v1.2.0 is NOT compatible with NAUTILUS Editor Ver1.0.0.
Please wait until NAUTILUS Editor ver1.2.0 is released to use the NAUTILUS Editor with NAUTILUS System v1.2.0.

・An FAT32 formatted USB Memory. 1GB or more free space.・A computer which can use USB Memory.

How to install
Instructions for updating are in the document file which is extracted from the downloaded file.

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