What’s changed in MainStage 3.6.4

What's changed in MainStage

I always get a little antsy when MainStage is updated, but here’s what’s changed in the latest 3.6.4, which is essentially just a bug fix update with a minor enhancement to the transpose object:

1. New Features and enhancements

  • The Transpose object in the Workspace now displays the composite result of transpositions at the Concert, Set and Patch levels.

2. Stability and reliability

  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly when using Soundtoys Effects Rack.
  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly when a Mono>Stereo instance of a plug-in is bypassed.

3. Performance

  • Keeping the Multimeter open no longer causes MainStage memory usage to increase.

4. Screen controls

  • The Do Not Pass MIDI Thru setting for screen controls now works correctly.
  • Assign mode now remains active when switching from one screen control to another.
  • VU Meters mapped to the Loudness plug-in now work correctly.
  • The Screen Control Inspector Saved Value slider for buttons is now consistently available at the Concert level.
  • The Meter object mapped to Beat Count parameter now displays all beats.
  • The Map Parameter button now remains active when switching from one screen control to another in Edit mode.

5. Mixer

  • Output and bus routings are now reliably maintained when importing patches from another concert.
  • Pasted aliases now reliably include all mappings from the original object.
  • Multiple channel strip faders now maintain the same relative values when adjusted from a screen control.

6. Plug-ins

  • MainStage now provides the correct AU Host Identifier to Audio Units plug-ins on Intel Macs.
  • Playback and Loopback plug-ins now reliably display the correct waveform.

7. Settings

  • The Hot-Plug Behavior setting now works as expected when Do Nothing is selected.

8. Workspace

  • The UI for Alchemy in the Workspace now reliably displays correctly.

9. Mappings

  • The Assign & Map button no longer remains active when switching from a mappable control to one that is not mappable.

10. Key commands

  • The Next Channel Strip Setting key command now works correctly.

11. Control surfaces and MIDI controllers

  • MainStage now reliably sends back the correct value to TouchOSC when a value is received from TouchOSC.

12. General

  • Channel strip names no longer unexpectedly change when stepping through patches.
  • Adding an instance of Quick Sampler no longer causes all factory content used in the concert to be saved into the concert package.
  • Custom icons assigned to patches in saved concerts now remain when the concert is re-opened.

Let us know in comments if you found the update smooth or otherwise…

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