What’s changed in MainStage 3.6.5

What's changed in MainStage

Here’s what’s changed in MainStage, with the latest update to MainStage, 3.6.5:

New in MainStage 3.6.5

New features and enhancements

  • Beat Breaker is now available as plug-in.
  • Sample Alchemy is now available as a plug-in.
  • You can now use the new command Reset Window Configuration from the Windows menu to restore the default window configuration for all open windows.

Stability and reliability

  • MainStage no longer hangs when closing the “8 Drum Pads” concert using Logic Remote.
  • MainStage no longer quits when pressing Command-Equal sign (=).
  • Using the Select All command in Layout mode no longer causes MainStage to quit.


  • Concerts with instances of Sampler that have been dragged and dropped from other concerts or from the Finder no longer sometimes open with the wrong samples loaded.


  • Channel strips can now be selected with VoiceOver.
  • VoiceOver can now be used to delete channel strips.
  • VoiceOver now correctly announces the latency value on channel strips.


  • Output 1-2 and Master channel strips no longer disappear when loading patches that attempt to route to mono outputs.
  • The Instrument Channel Strip Inspector’s MIDI Input Tab now contains a section at the top of the Input Controller menu for recently assigned controllers.
  • Clicking the channel mode button from mono to stereo on Output 2 no longer unexpectedly sets the level of the resulting Output 1-2 channel strip to its minimum value.
  • The Expression knob on the Mixer now reliably shows Expression value mappings saved at the Concert level.

Key Commands

  • The Channel Strip: Show Original/Show Next Alias key command now selects the channel strip as expected.


  • External Instrument channels sending Bank select messages now send the correct sequence of MSB and then LSB messages.


  • Mixer or plug-in controls mapped to the same Workspace object now maintain their relative positions when controlled from the object.


  • Undo now works after changing the output of a channel from stereo to mono.

Logic Remote

  • The mute button on the master fader in in Logic Remote now updates when it is engaged in MainStage.
  • Saving MainStage concerts from Logic Remote now works reliably.
  • When adjusting knobs or faders on multiple selected channels in MainStage, all the corresponding controls in Logic Remote now update.


  • Notes sustained over Patch changes are no longer cut off when a MIDI Transformer plug-in is active.
  • The Screen Control inspector now immediately updates to reflect changes in channel strip selection.
  • Clicking the Layer MIDI Input Bypassed button in the Layer Editor no longer causes the view to unexpectedly switch to the Plug-in Library.
  • A Multi-timbral Settings window that’s behind another window is now brought to the front when selected again from the Window menu.
  • Renamed Sampler channel strips now reliably retain their names when a saved concert is re-opened.
  • The current Expression setting is now retained when the Audio Settings are changed.
  • The Select Next/Previous Settings commands now work reliably in patches that contain an original and alias of the same channel strip.
  • The Map Parameter button in Layout view now remains enabled when clicking on objects in the Workspace.

Let us know in comments if you found the update smooth or otherwise. And don’t forget to check out our podcast, we regularly speak with guests who have MainStage as a core part of their rig.

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