The Crumar Seven: Six Months On

I’ve owned this beast for six months now: and I’m still in love

Ain’t it pretty?

Back in April when I wrote my review of the Crumar Seven I made it clear I was impressed. Six months on, I’ve spent quite a few hours with it, including a handful of gigs where I’ve had it as my bottom board, with a Yamaha MODX7 sitting on top of it (and yes it sits there pretty nicely).

What are my tips after putting it through its paces?

  1. Definitely carry the seperate pouch for the metal legs separately to the Seven – it makes the Seven an achievable carry and lessens the likelihood of accidental damage to your board.
  2. The legs DO get easier to screw in and out. I had a frustrating 20 minutes the first time I did it, but as you get to know the angle it becomes pretty simple to do.
  3. The road case is not the toughest so take care, although the lid has now been strengthened by Crumar and is sturdier than it used to be.
  4. If you use MainStage, Gig Performer or Camelot, the Crumar Seven happily accepts MIDI messages and I have specific sounds for a dozen or so songs in my setlist.
  5. Be prepared for regular comments from audience members and fellow musicians on how damn good the Seven looks.
  6. Most gigs I get at least a couple of people comment.

Again, read my full review for all the details, but this is a board I plan on playing and gigging with for a long time to come.

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