Roland Fantom Gets Its First Sound Expansions

Roland aren’t resting on their laurels with their new Fantom models

Roland’s new Fantom 6, 7 and 8 have only been in the wild six weeks or so, but some sound expansion sets are starting to hit the market. Roland themselves have released six sound sets and they’re free – at least for now.

The six sets are:

EXZ006 EXZ World Instruments

EXZ005 EXZ Studio Sounds

EXZ Power Drums

EXZ003 Session Drums

EXZ002 EZX Stage Piano 2

EXZ001 EZX Stage Piano 1

I’ve had a listen and there’s some damn nice sounds in there that will catch the eye of potential buyers. Some of the sounds from the Studio Sounds and Stage Piano sets particularly appealed to me.

However, the elephant in the room remains: organs. Hopefully that’s something to be remedied in the near future.

Have a listen to all the sound sets for yourself, right here.

Would love to hear your thoughts after you have a listen.

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