Rachel Eckroth, Solo Artist / St Vincent / Rufus Wainwright / KT Tunstall

Rachel Eckroth interview

Rachel Eckroth is an American singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer who has played with a huge range of artists alongside her own burgeoning music career. We talk to Rachel on her playing history, touring highlights and her approach to playing. As always there’s a great rain wreck story and some thoughtful desert island discs selections.

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

Rachel’s amazing trio

Working with Mike Gordon (Phish)

Childhood and teen music development

Stanley Cowell

Developing an individual playing style

Working with St Vincent

Rachel in action with St Vincent

Working with Chris Botti

Rachel opening (and also playing with) Rufus Wainwright

Rachel in action with KT Tunstall

Discussion on developing one’s skills to cover diverse gigs

Rachel with the Meredith Vieira Show band

Rachel’s solo work and development in composition and playing

Title track from Rachel’s ‘When It Falls’

‘Three Wheels’, from Rachel’s album ‘One’

The Garden album

Impact of COVID on creativity

Favourite live experiences

Suggestions for younger players wanting to make a living in the music industry

Rachel’s go-to keyboards

Rachel playing the Vintage Vibe piano

Tag a keyboard player: Jason Lindner

Desert Island Discs:   Love Supreme – John Coltrane, Sketches of Spain – Miles Davis, Purple Rain – Prince, Tidal – Fiona Apple, Liberation Music Orchestra – Charlie Haden. (Don’t forget to check out all our guest’s selections on this page)

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