Eric Mouquet, Deep Forest

Eric Mouquet Deep Forest Interview

It’s hard to overstate Eric Mouquet’s impact on music during the 1990s, and he’s still going strong. We cover Eric’s seminal work with Deep Forest but also his extensive recording, performing and collaboration with everyone from Peter Gabriel to David Foster and Herbie Hancock.

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

Eric’s introduction to music (thank you Deep Purple!)

Welson electric organs

The Farfisa VIP 500 organ

Commencing studio work and learning from the pros

Joe Hammer and Eric Mouquet

Computers and MIDI lead to Deep Forest

The formation of Deep Forest with Michel Sanchez

Electronic music inspirations

Approach to recording the first Deep Forest album

The iconic Akai s900 sampler

Erics go-to synths on the first album

The Roland JD-800

How Australia kicked off Deep Forest’s wider success

Taking a different approach to the second Deep Forest album (Boheme)

Deep Forest’s third album Comparsa

The passion for musical exploration 30 years later

Eric’s work with Japanese artist Mell: repeat – Deep Forest Remix

Eric’s work with Japanese artist Chitose Hajime on the album Music Detected – Will You Be Ready

Working with Chinese artist Sa Dingding 

The joy of improvising and creating with a singer

Working with Josh Groban and David Foster – Remember When It Rained

Josh Groban – Awake

Josh Groban – Machine (with Herbie Hancock)

Collaboration with Peter Gabriel – While The Earth Sleeps

Admiration for Joe Zawinul

The technology Eric uses to create albums now

Why the Expressive E Osmose is the keyboard Eric had been waiting for

Desert Island Discs: Black Market – Weather Report, Piano Concerto in G – Ravel, Close to the Edge – Yes, A Love Supreme – John Coltrane, Blue Lines – Massive Attack

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