Jim Sheridan, TV Music Producer, Musical Director & Composer

Jim Sheridan Musical Director and Composer

Jim Sheridan is a hard keyboard player to quantify, as his career has been incredibly diverse. That said, it’s fair  to say he’s a TV production expert from a musical viewpoint, and it’s given him some fascinating perspectives on composition, production and musicianship.

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

Name That Tune – Fox Network

The process of refining 1400+ songs for a season of the show

The joy of working with Randy Jackson

The intensity of workflow during production of a season of Name That Tune

Jim on the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy

Jim’s (non)  musical upbringing, teaching himself to play and his unexpected first audition

The iconic Roland D50 Digital Native Dance

Spyder Simpson – He’s a Businessman

Jim performing with Linda Martin in 1995

Why Jim won’t have a bad word said against pop stars Jedward

Jim on The Lyrics Board

Jedward go acoustic on the Late Late Show

Moving into TV work 

Learning and doing TV composition, and what killed it as a viable career

Becoming a TV house band musical director

Jim and his house band on Tubridy Tonight

Michael Fassbender singing Twist and Shout

Guns, late nights and a train wreck performance worthy of nightmares

Russell Crowe performs on the Late Late Show

Jim with Sinead O’Connor – For One Night Only

Desert Island Discs: Trevor Horn Reimagines The Eighties – Trevor Horn, The Nightfly – Donald Fagen, Hejira- Joni Mitchell, West Side Story – Leonard Bernstein, Film Music Collection – Ennio Morricone

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