David Rosenthal, Billy Joel / Rainbow / Robert Palmer / Enrique Iglesias (Part 1)

David Rosenthal Billy Joel

In this first of two parts (Part 2 is here), David Rosenthal joins us to talk about his amazing career, including nearly 30 years as Billy Joel’s keyboard player. As you’ll hear, that’s only one aspect of what continues to be an amazing career in music.

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

2022 and continuation of Billy Joel’s amazing residency at Madison Square Garden

Having nearly 90 songs ready to go on a keyboard rig

Billy Joel’s You May Be Right  / Led Zep Rock and Roll combo

Billy Joels’ River of Dreams / Dancing in the Street combo

The experience of playing 110 times (and counting) at Madison Square Garden

Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen: Tenth Avenue Freeze Out and Born to Run

Billy Joel and Tony Bennett – New York State of Mind

Billy Joel and Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69

Billy Joel and Paul McCartney at Shea Stadium – Let It Be

The secrets to success of being Billy Joel’s keyboard player for nearly 30 years

56 shows in 56 nights in 56 cities with Robert Palmer

Discussion of David’s A, B and C keyboard rigs

David’s dual career as synth programmer and rig designer

Setting up Roy Bittan and Charlie Giordano’s re-designed E-Street Band rigs

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Cover pic: Myrna Suarez

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