Steve Porcaro, Toto

Steve Porcaro Toto Interview

Steve Porcaro is arguably one of the most listened to and prolific keyboard players in the world. Through his extensive session work (Michael Jackson, Don Henley, Yes to name just three), film and TV output and that small little outfit called Toto, there won’t be many people who won’t have heard Steve’s work. We attempt to capture a small snapshot of that amazing career in this interview. 

Links to content mentioned during the show (links will open in new tab):

Emerson, Lake and Palmer at the Hollywood Bowl 1971 (with Edgar Winter and Humble Pie)

Example of a Rheem Organ

David Foster

David Paich

Hans Zimmer and his modular rig/s

John Lehmkuhl and Unify

Eddie Van Halen and Beat It

Rosanna and that amazing solo

Greg Ladanyi 

In The Way – The Brothers Johnson

Steve’s solo album: Someday / Somehow

Elton John and ‘The Fox’ sessions

Heather Porcaro

Tag a keyboard player: Steve Weingart, David Garfield and C.J. Vanston

Desert Island Discs: Brain Salad Surgery – Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Close to the Edge – Yes, Empty Sky – Elton John, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

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