Dominic Fallacaro – Musical Director / Orchestrator / Composer

Dominic Fallacaro Composer

Dominic Fallacaro is a jazz pianist, co-arranger, orchestrator, and Music Director. He’s currently MD for the hit Broadway jukebox musical & Juliet. This is of course, only one aspect of Dominic’s career and we cover his other achievements as a player, composer and arranger. There’s even a great Elmo story, so this is one not to miss!

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

Working on the musical & Juliet

Max Martin and & Juliet

Technical breakdown of how the band works in & Juliet

Arranging iconic songs for & Juliet

Dominic’s musical upbringing

Moving to studio and live performance

Rachel Z, Kevin Mahogany

The power of saying yes

From Mommy and Me classes to the studio and winning a Grammy with Tim Kubart

Tim Kubart – Showtime

Working on Sesame Street

Sesame Street – We Can All Be Friends

Involvement with In The Heights

Working on tik, tik… Boom! 

Come to Your Senses – from tik, tik… Boom!

Dealing with musical challenges when playing ‘on rails’ with a click in musical theatre

Love for the Kurzweil PC2X

Dominic in rehearsals for Hell’s Kitchen – the new Alicia Keys musical

The amazing Adam Blackstone

Tag a Keyboard Player: Rick Wakeman, Nicolas Dupuis (Anomalie), Chromeo

Desert Island Discs: Thrust – Herbie Hancock, Whatever and Ever Amen – Ben Folds Five, Art of the Trio Vol 4: Back to the Vanguard – Brad Mehldau, Amnesiac – Radiohead

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