Dan Mansfield, You Am I / The Gin Club / The Honey Sliders

Dan Mansfield is a Queensland Australia-based musician who plays in a diverse range of musical outfits, including five years with iconic rock band You Am I. As you’ll hear, Dan covers a huge range of genres and also loves repairing Hammond organs and Leslie speakers. There’s also some decent Pink Floyd and Beatles chat.  Lots in the episode to check out, no matter where you’re based.

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):  

Playing gigs with George Golla, Kevin Hunt and Don Burrows as a teen

John Paul Jones as keyboard inspiration

The Gin Club in action live – ‘You, Me and The Sea’

Dan playing live with You Am I 

The Drones – Taman Shud

You Let My Tyres Down – TFS

Letting one’s freak flag fly

Joining The Gin Club

Don Walker live

On falling in love with Hammond organs 

Kula Shaker live

The fragility of Leslie speaker units and repairing / restoring

Hats off to Lachy Doley

Dan with The Honey Sliders – https://youtu.be/l6oj1-9ayN8

The Honey Sliders play The Beatles Rooftop concert – with a health dose of discussion on the ‘Get Back’ movie

Lots of Hammond talk including the evil of the Calculated Leslie Switcher

Dan’s train wreck story

Dan’s love of Kurzweil keyboards

Thoughts / tips for younger players

Tag a keyboard player: Jon Carin

Desert Island Discs: Animals – Pink Floyd, A Nod Is As Good As A Wink.. To A Blind Horse  – Faces, Caravanserai – Santana, Peasants, Pigs and Astronauts – Kula Shaker, Amorica – The Black Crowes (Don’t forget to check out all our guest’s selections on this page)

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