Ty Bailie, Heavy Chevy / Katy Perry

Ty Bailie Keyboard Player

Ty Bailie is a Nashville-based keyboard player who’s just come off five years playing with Katy Perry, amongst an array of other projects and production credits. We talk to Ty in depth on his musicial journey and have some laughs over a range of keyboard-related issues.

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Discussion topics covered during the show (links will open in new tab):

Ty in action with Heavy Chevy

Ty in action with Katy Perry

Ty in action with Dept of Energy

Backing Pearl Jam / Soundgarden / Presidents of the United States

Playing with Dept of Energy

Getting the Katy Perry gig

The learning curve coming in mid-tour on a Katy Perry international tour

Ty’s Rig Tour – 2018

Duff McKagan and an accordion UFO tribute band – Flight to Mars


The Young Lizards – Freebird    

A great musical train wreck anecdote

The death of the key change

Sting: psychopathic stalker and killer? (with reference to provide context)

Tag a keyboard player: Nicholas Semrad, Larry Goldings

 Desert Island Discs: The Ray Brown Trio – Bassface, Bill Evans – Alone, Tingsek – Amygdala, Taylor Swift – Folklore.

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