Hammond Releases Skx Pro

Now that I’ve wiped the drool off my chin, I’ll take some time to post about this new release from Hammond.  For those looking for the full, double manual Hammond experience, it’s going to be hard to go past this.

The official vid:

And then a great run through the Skx Pro from Bonners Pianos:

What’s your take? Like the look of what you see? Some stores are offering pre-orders etc, but I imagine this baby will be hard to get hold of even when it’s fully out the factory door. Pricing at time of writing not clear.

3 thoughts on “Hammond Releases Skx Pro

  1. £3k price tag here, which is understandable considering the how much SK-Pro costs, but not so much when you compare it with the competition.

    Probably the perfect do it all board for many people, and the only dual manual clone on the market with anywhere close to this kind of power. Wish Hammond well with it.

    1. Yep great take Jordan. For me, if the piano and synth sounds have enough variety, it’d nearly be the perfect gigging rig…

  2. I just sold my hard working and much loved SK2, after 8 years of gigging, and to clear the deck for receipt of an SKX Pro…..whenever that will be. A Hammond player, for half a centruy, all I can say is….I WANT ONE, NOW!

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