David K Mathews, Santana / Etta James / Tower of Power (Part 2)

Santana Keyboard Player David K Mathews

David K Mathews has had, and continues to have, an amazing career across a range of genres. In Part 2 of our interview (Part 1 of interview – click here), David covers off his work with Etta James and Santana. If you’re a Hammond B3 player you’ll also love the detail David goes into about his rig..

Links to content mentioned during the show (links will open in new tab):  

Etta James Live

Santana Live

Bill Beer organ customisations

Bob Schleicher’s Electronic Instrument Service

The Fantasy Vocal Sessions – have a listen

Fantasy Studios

Pete Escovedo

Desert Island Discs: Anything by Art Tatum, Elis and Tom – Antonio Carlos Jobim, any of Jimmy Smith’s Blue Note releases, Live / In Performance – Donny Hathaway, Albeniz: Iberia Suites – Alicia De Larrocha, Magical Mystery Tour – The Beatles (honorary sixth pick).

Cover photo by Arlic Dromgoole Sr.

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One thought on “David K Mathews, Santana / Etta James / Tower of Power (Part 2)

  1. Great interview with David. An exceptional player and love his work. A modest and inspiring player and I especially love his performances and recordings with Etta and Santana and his insight and discussions in relation to working with these artists and bands. 👍🏻🎶🎹

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