Andrew Farriss, Solo Artist and INXS

Andrew Farriss keyboard player INXS interview

Episode 6 sees us talk to one of the greatest Australian songwriters in rock history, Andrew Farriss. Both in his current guide as a country artist or as half of the incredible songwriting partnership with Michael Hutchence that led to INXS having worldwide success, Andrew talks gigging, songwriting and of course keyboards!

Links to content mentioned during the show:

Tania Kernaghan

Lawrie Minson

Andrew Farriss – Good Momma Bad

Andrew Farriss – Come Midnight

Andrew’s keyboards and guitars over the years

Beale upright piano – 1950’s

Ace Tone portable organ with a wobbly analog tape echo 

Steinway Model B – 1990, Bluthner grand piano – 1904

Roland SH-7 synth, Roland SH-5 synth

Roland TR-707 drum machine 

Prophet 5 synth 

Fender Rhodes 73, Wurlitzer piano 

Emulator 2  sampler

Fostex 8 track tape recorder 

Pro Tools 

Roland Juno 60 synth

Roland MKS 80 & programmer, Roland JV-1080, Roland JV-1010

Fender 1956 strat, 1968 maple Gibson 340 Semi Acoustic elec guitar 

Maton 808 ACC guitar, Gibson 1947 Southern Jumbo 

Mesa Tremoverb 

Lawrie Minson Hand made analog fx pedal

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