Yamaha MODX OS Update 2.5

Yamaha have released their second substantial OS update, with substantial the operative word. We tell you what’s new and how to update your MODX board to version 2.5. All the information for version 2.0 is also provided for reference.

Updating the OS of a keyboard can be daunting at the best of times, and the now released 2.5 update for the MODX is one that will require a modicum of discipline. More on that later, but first here’s what you get with the update:

New features in 2.5;

  • New Performances have been added.
  • The Smart Morph function has been added.
  • New functions have been added to the Pattern Sequencer.
  • The DAW Remote function has been added.
  • Controllability and playability have been improved.

New features in 2.0;

  • New effect types have been added.
  • New Performances have been added.
  • The Pattern Sequencer function has been added.
  • You can now play songs, patterns and audio files from the Live Set display.
  • Super Knob Link has been added to the data that is recorded in the Scene function.
  • Keyboard Control has been added to the data that is recorded in the Scene function.
  • Increased the range of the LFO Speed parameter.
  • You can now connect MIDI equipment via the USB TO DEVICE terminal.
  • The Global Micro Tuning settings have been added.
  • The Audition Loop setting has been added.
  • Improvements have been made to the user interface.
  • The Note capacity (total area in Store) has been increased from 130,000 to 520,000 (for Songs) and 520,000 (for Patterns).

Now onto the update process itself. Essentially you will need to back up everything, initialise everything, install the new update from a MODX-formatted USB thumb drive, then restore your backed-up settings. We’ve read through and not surprisingly the update process is identical whether you’re updating to 2.0 or 2.5 – not that you need to do both.

The details (and never fear, these instructions come in the installer file you download from here):

  1. Press the [UTILITY] button to open the Utility display.
  2. Touch [Settings] tab -> [System] tab at the left side of the display.
  3. The following message appears in the bottom of the display:

  MODX Firmware Version : *.**.*         (c)2018 Yamaha Corporation

The unit’s version is indicated by ” MODX Firmware Version : ..
Only the numbers up to the two decimal places after the first dot are important in reading the version number, you can ignore the numbers after the second dot.
Ex.) 1.02.0 =1.02 , 1.10.0= 1.10

Updating Procedure


All User memory (Library data, User data, User sample and so on) will be initialized by this updater.

Please make sure that you save all User data to a USB flash drive before performing this update.

Required Items

  • One USB flash drive of over 1GB capacity formatted on the MODX
  1. After downloading, copy the following uncompressed files to a USB flash drive that has been formatted on the MODX. No other files should be present on the USB flash drive.
  2. Power off the MODX.
  3. Connect the USB flash drive prepared in step 1 to the [USB TO DEVICE] terminal of the MODX. Power on the MODX while holding down the [Cursor UP] and [UTILITY] buttons until the “YAMAHA” logo appears on screen.
    At this time, please do not press buttons other than [Cursor UP] or [UTILITY] buttons.
  4. The MODX OS updater will begin with the message “Searching for the updater…” and “MODX updater ..“.
    When the message “Finish. Please turn off.” appears, turn off the MODX and remove the USB flash drive. (note WARNING below)
  5. Power on the MODX
  6. Execute the Initialize All function ([UTILITY] > [Settings] > [System]).

DO NOT power off or remove the USB flash drive from the MODX until the “Finish. Please turn off.” message appears. If power is accidently interrupted while running the updater (by disconnecting the AC cord, etc.), the unit may become inoperable. If this happens, run the updater again. If the unit still does not function after doing this, please contact your nearest Yamaha service center.

This completes the update process.

So there you have it. May it all go smoothly for you!

2 thoughts on “Yamaha MODX OS Update 2.5

  1. Hi Folks,
    Info extremely helpful.
    On my MODX8, can I go from version 1.10 directly to version 2.50 without loading the version in between ? Can’t find the answer anywhere.

    1. Hi Jonathan! It’s a great question and sorry I don’t have the answer. You would *think* you could and if you don’t mind having to do a factory reset if it doesn’t work, you could give it a go? Would love to hear what you find.

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